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24 Seater Mini Coach Hire

Newcastle 24 Seater Minibuses Hire 

Who we are 
We are a privately owned minibus hire company, widely known for providing 24 seater minibus. Our key success is the modern vehicle we use that will never fail our clients. We do several transportation services in different places, including airports, universities and colleges, major and minor parks, wedding venues, private business meeting, funeral services and any other event. Our fleets of vehicles are in top condition, since they are maintained regularly before they are released for hire. 
Why we are the best minibus hire company in Newcastle  
• Low prices and excellent service  
We are much better than our competitors in terms of quality and excellent services when it comes to Newcastle minibus hire. We offer high quality and first class services at a budget-friendly cost. 
• Comfortable travel 
We have drivers that always provide comfort to our clients, they take the work of driving that would be stressful and allow you to relax and enjoy your journey. Our drivers are local residents of Newcastle with knowledge of all the routes. While you are relaxing, you can enjoy yourself with the entertainment kits that are within our minibuses. The seats are modernised in leather patterns to provide maximum comfort. We have the most passenger friendly vehicles with refreshing drinks from our drink cooler. 
• Dedication and honesty 
Our employees and the senior staffs have passion and are dedicated to serve our clients honestly. Our dedication keeps clients safe and comfortable throughout their journey and we’re proud to see high numbers of return customers.  
What to do and see in Newcastle with our minibus hire 
Newcastle is a city located in Newcastle upon Tyne and falls within the metropolitan area of Tyne and Wear. When you finally visit Newcastle, make sure you explore the following attractions: Great North Museum that covers many things, including world culture, archaeology, geology and natural sciences. You will learn the history of the past life of residents of Newcastle.  
You can go to the Laing Art Gallery with very many collections dating 18th and 19th century arts: several exhibitions that will ever surprise you are within. 
The football fans are never left behind, you can visit the Newcastle United football club in their training ground at St. James Park. The club is regarded to have the best fans in the world; they flock the ground when the club plays at the home ground and are more knowledgeable.  
Visit the Quayside district featuring many old buildings developed into hotels, shops and restaurant. On the Sandhill you will see very many historical buildings. You can have the opportunity to view them from Sandhill. 
The Castle Keep, which was built from 1080 and completed in 1172 is another must visit place. It has some partitions, including the Normal Chapel, The Kings chambers and good display of archaeological findings: the tower offers an excellent view of the city. 
If you need a minibus hire in Newcastle for under 24 people, please contact us today for affordable services.