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Double Decker 72 Seater Coach Hire

Newcastle – Double Decker Coach 72 Seater 

Our Newcastle minibus hire services offers you a fleet of Volvos and Iveco coaches, fitted with all modern accessories, and capable of transferring large group of passengers in one go. 
A double decker 72 seater coach is the best vehicle to move large groups of conference delegates, school and college students, tour groups, and others. When everyone in the group moves together, there are many benefits to be had. Group cohesion increases, the transfer becomes more easy and organised, with group leaders remaining in better control of the situation, and the movement becomes faster, with one batch not having to wait for others. Above all, costs come down considerably. Transferring people from one place to another involves both a fixed cost component, and a variable cost. The fixed cost is divided among the available passengers, whereas the variable costs are add-ons, to each passenger. With a large coach, each passenger has to pay a lesser fixed cost, bringing down costs. When this already low base is added to our very low overheads, a result of our highly efficient operations, you get the lowest rates, not available anywhere else. 
We also provide the best support on offer. Our customer support team, available round the clock, coordinates the pickup, plots the routes, follows up on appointments, arranges for special requests and does more. The drivers who come with the minibus hire in Newcastle are adept in driving large vehicles, and are well-aware of all the facilities and amenities it contains. Multi vent air conditioning, the latest audio video systems, GPS, Bluetooth, power doors, and more, are standard features in all our coaches, and there are several other features on offer, designed to enhance your experience on board our coaches. 
If you are in charge of making arrangements for your group, do not delay. Get in touch with us now.