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Newcastle – Minibus Hire 
Whether you are planning a special day out to celebrate someone’s birthday or another type of special occasion or simply want to enjoy a day trip with family and friends, arranging minibus hire is an excellent option. This transportation service comes complete with a driver so that you can sit back and enjoy the journey to the full, while you will be able to take your pick from a wide range of different types of vehicles such as a Mercedes 16 seater so that you can make sure that there is plenty of room inside the vehicle for a large group of family and friends to come out with you. 
The driver of your minibus hire in Newcastle will arrive at your door on the morning of this special day out and take you wherever you wish to go. You can schedule as many different stops as you wish throughout the day and the driver will also be more than happy to make suggestions on where to go and what to do so that you and those closest to you experience a day out that you will never forget. 
There are plenty of great places in the area surrounding the city that are just waiting to be checked out with Newcastle minibus hire. Castle Leazes is just a short drive away and this magnificent building is set in a corner of the large and lovely Leases Park. People who have an interest in history and architecture are sure to enjoy exploring the castle and the Military Vehicle Museum that can also be found here, while relaxing in the surrounding gardens and perhaps enjoying a picnic is another popular pastime among visitors. 
People who want to take a break from city life and soak up the sun for a few hours will find several pretty sandy beaches situated within easy driving distance of Newcastle. South Shields and Whitley Bay boast two of the closest and most popular stretches of sand and the drive along the coast is sure to be an uplifting experience that the whole family can enjoy. 
This part of England is famous for its ancient Roman history and Hadrian’s wall is one of the most impressive examples of the building skill of the Romans. A large section of Hadrian’s wall can be found on the outskirts of Newcastle in the picturesque Tyne valley. Visitors to this part of the countryside will also want to make sure that they allow plenty of time to soak up the natural beauty of the Tyne valley and there are plenty of scenic hiking and walking trails to choose from here.  
People who wish to travel a little further afield can also use their hire vehicle to head into Scotland. The A1 connects Newcastle to Scotland and the drive is particularly scenic here. It takes a little over two hours to reach Edinburgh, which will give visitors plenty of time to take in the city’s key attractions before heading home.  
Of course, you can also use this type of vehicle to indulge in a shopping spree, as you can be sure that there will be plenty of room in your vehicle for all the bargains that you have picked up during the day and rather than having to carry them around with you all day long. Of course, you will also want to schedule a meal to one of the city’s excellent restaurants before heading home and because this vehicle and the accompanying driver will be at your disposal all day long you can even stop off for a few drinks at your favourite bar or pub before calling it a day.